Solution – Not registered on network error message on Android Phones

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  1. Jacob Kay says:

    NONE of these solutions are working for me. I reset factory settings, I took it to a repair place TWICE, took it to my service provider TWICE, and oddly enough, the last time I took it to my service provider it was magically working JUST FINE. Then as soon as I got about 20 blocks away it just quit on me. Will not make or receive calls (“not registered on network”), will not connect to my service provider when I do a search (“your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network”) It’s been doing this since I got it unlocked. (Samsung Galaxy S 4G) I would think that it’s something to do with unlocking but I’ve tried someone else’s SIM card (Rogers, I’m currently trying to use MTS) and I could make calls just fine (couldn’t try the data usage because theirs wasn’t set up with a data plan) Help?

  2. thatguy says:

    ummm just had this happen to me… has anyone thought to check and see if the sim card was installed in the correct direction?

  3. Mandeep Singh says:

    I am facing the same problem on Samsung Grand Quattro. I can receive calls and data at 2G is working, but cannot make calls. it shows Not registered on Network all the time. Help

  4. Masudi matinya says:

    Hi, any help please, I have samsung galaxy anycall korean version, it does not support Airtel simcard, what is the problem, please any help?

  5. Piyush Sharma says:

    I m using samsung note 3..
    Even i had similar problem 2 months back with airtel number. Just lately i was using bsnl number in this handset and yesterday same problem occurred with bsnl number also…..’not registered to network ‘.
    Even i tried that other airtel sim which showed similar problem even now.
    However an idea sim just worked fine.
    Do anybody have any solution to this problem…?

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