How to turn on and turn off 3G on Samsung Galaxy Tab

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54 Responses to How to turn on and turn off 3G on Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. Sanjay says:

    There is this icon of data network mode on the sreen besides the battery icons how do i get rid of that icon. i mean how do i disable the data network mode??????

  2. Carlos Gaviria says:

    como ago para poner a funcionar un galaxi tab con una sim de internet movil

  3. Joe says:

    I’ve galaxy tab, bought a preloaded 3G sim from o2, the correct one for my tablet but have no mobile connectivity. do i need to activate the sim somehow?

  4. NAVNEET says:

    i am using samsung galaxy pro,i am using 3g sim,but i want my data not to switch over 2g mode,but here is no option like 3G only/umts mode,it keeps switchin and affects my work,can you help?

  5. Pankaj Sharma says:

    I got a Samsung Tab Wifi P1010 bought from US instead of 3G one. It doesnot have sim card slot. It was mistake and now I have to live with this device as found no buyer.
    I need help to understand if
    1. I can connect using usb data card through usb cable
    2. Or through blue tooth from my phone (Blackberry or Samsung Chat phone)

    Pls advice necessary s/w required on Android to connect internet thourhg externat 3G (usb) or bluetooth.


    Pankaj sharma

  6. Nishanth says:

    hi. I recently purchased a galaxy tab 16 GB 3g wi fi model in the middle east. It works perfectly fine over there but somehow isnt able to connect to any network here either with the original sim or any indian sim card. I have tried airtel, vodafone sims which are 3g enabled but have come up with the same reply. I even tried resetting the tab but that didnt solvethe problem. I’m sure it not a locked tab since such tabs arent sold in the middle east. Kindly help.

  7. Gaurav says:

    I am using galaxy tab and have got airtel 3g enabled sim.

    I am able to use internet at a good speed but not able to use mobile AP service with airtel 3g sim though I was able to use it with BSNL sim on the same handset.

    In the icon I can see only W icon instead of 3G though I did all the settings as mentioned by you i.e. –

    Tap Wireless and network
    Tap Mobile networks
    Tap Network mode
    Tap WCDMA to turn on 3G


  8. kunal says:

    i bought a samsung tab tmobile unlocked from karol bagh delhi gaffar market now my problem is that when i insert a sim card there is a frequent error showing emergency calls only n signals come n go very often also i cant activate 3g although it is activated on my iphone it works super fine

  9. kunal says:

    i meant to say nt on my iphone bt sim is iphone tested n also by ur method wen i try to activatr 3g there is a sign of no signal near battery pls help

  10. kunal says:

    actually sumtimes error shows not registered on network

  11. ALED says:

    Hi, I’m new with my Galaxy tab as well. Yesterday I was trying to use Internet with the 3G connection but it kept on using the WLAN connection. The WLAN that was available was so slow that I would’ve wanted to use the 3G instead.. How can i switch on to 3G even though there´s a WLAN available..

  12. diane says:

    just got a samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 cannot get my 3g to work with optus

  13. Narendra says:

    I purchased a samsung galaxy Y GT-S5360 and a BSNL sim.
    can u plz tell me how to activate 3g on my mobile.

  14. samson says:

    i have recently upgraded my SIM to 3G and i am using samsung galaxy s. the service remains the same – no MMS, Video call…
    when i put my SIM on another phone, 3G network is visibly shown on the task bar, not when i usend my galaxy. please help if i have to turn on something somewhere. thanks

  15. tracey bailey says:

    i have a galaxy plus phone and i have to charge it twice aday dont know whats draining my battery down any ideas plz

  16. aliyu sheh says:

    My samsung tab2 can not entar 3g pls how to user to entar 3g pls pls pls

  17. bharadwaja says:


  18. Sunil Biswal says:

    How to use 3g Samsung tab 4 4G Setting

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