How to restore Samsung Galaxy Tab to factory default

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  1. Pranav says:

    I have bought my samsung galaxy s 2 few days back. I am having a problem with the data network.
    I have activated the same, but some times the icon gots disappeared on the home screne and i cant connect to net and after some time it appear attomatically and it work normally.

    kindly assist.

    • Admin says:

      For me it seems to be problem with your data service provider (BSNL / Airtel etc..).

      There must be problem in network. Try your galaxy Tab in different region.

  2. Timara Thompson says:

    Thank you so much this is exactly what I needed ! Woohoo

  3. jp says:

    Hi Ravi. I hope you could help me. I updated my facebook app on my Galaxy tab (wifi) yesterday. After the update, the app is no longer working and keeps showing a white screen. I want my old facebook app back. How do I get back the facebook app version that came bundled with my tab? If I reset my tab as showjn on your page, will it also restore my alod facebook app? I will be looking forward to your kind reply. Thanks.

  4. Nahyan says:

    Hey I have a problem with my Galaxy Tab. I bought mine rooted and unlocked. It’s branded at&t but my data doesn’t work. I tried to see if it was an issue with the APN settings, and set up the apn settings, but it still will not connect with 3g. The WiFi works great, but I need 3G. I honestly dont care about it being unlocked, I just want it to be set back to factory firmware. And I did a master reset which did not solve my problem. Please help.

  5. Racer says:

    I’m thinking of selling my samsung galaxy and want to make sure all my personal files are gone. Restoring it to factor settings should do this, correct? Also want to be sure new buyer will be able to set up accounts as if new.

  6. Jimmy says:

    My samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 updated itself and now it wont boot. I sent it in to samsung to have it fix but they said it was rooted and void the warranty. I don’t know what rooted it and they wanted to charge me a $100 to fix it. Is there a way I could get it back to factory by bypassing the boot up logo? Please help.

  7. don says:

    I followed the directions to restore factory settings but now device just sits and wont restore?

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