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How to Change Date and Time in Windows 10

13 July 2015, 0 comments, 2206 Views

In this tutorial I will explain how to change date and time of your computer in windows 10. Step 1 Click on Date / Time located in right bottom corner. From pop-up click Change date and time settings.. Step 2 [..]

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How to Shutdown and Restart Windows 10

12 July 2015, 0 comments, 1479 Views

Please follow below steps to shutdown / restart / sleep your computer in windows 10. Step 1: Click Windows Start button located in left bottom corner. Step 2: Click Power. Step 3: You can now see the option to shutdown [..]

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How to pin a folder in Jump list in windows 8

9 March 2013, Comments closed, 3049 Views

In this windows 8 tutorial, I will show you how to pin a folder to jump list. This is very easy to do.

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How to enable delete confirmation message in Windows 8

13 February 2013, Comments closed, 2840 Views

By default windows 8 will not show “Delete confirmation dialog” box if you delete any file / folder like in previous versions of windows. Windows 8 will not prompt for confirmation before deleting any file / folder.

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Solution – MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer

11 February 2013, Comments closed, 3462 Views

After installing a new application, your windows 8 / windows 7 computer may produce following error message: I started getting this error message after I installed WampServer on my Windows 8 Pro. This is actually not application problem, but because [..]

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How to take screenshot of active window in windows 8

7 February 2013, Comments closed, 2719 Views

To take screenshot of only active window in windows 8: Press ALT + Print Screen buttons.     To take screenshot of entire desktop: Press Print Screen button.     Extra Tip

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How to change Computer name in windows 8

7 February 2013, Comments closed, 2673 Views

In this windows 8 tutorial I will show you how to change your computer name on a windows 8 system.

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How to repair windows 8 corrupted files

5 February 2013, Comments closed, 3008 Views

For any reason if your windows 8 is not working properly, and you feel some windows files have corrupted, here is how you can fix corrupted windows 8 files

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How to adjust volume of Windows 8 Music App

4 February 2013, Comments closed, 2955 Views

Windows 8 music app is great with a very nice look and features. But you may find it little difficult in controlling and playing music on windows 8 music app.

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Disable Automatic App Start on Sony Xperia

4 February 2013, Comments closed, 4228 Views

Sony Xperia has an inbuilt feature of App Start on starting any function like battery charge, headset / headphone connected etc.

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