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How To Turn Off App Automatic Updates in Windows 10

25 July 2017, 0 comments, 2054 Views

Auto updates of apps is enabled by default in windows 10 store. There are many windows 10 core apps which download updates automatically in background. Few such windows 10 apps are listed below: Windows Alarms & Clock Movies & TV [..]

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How to Change Date and Time in Windows 10

13 July 2015, 0 comments, 4833 Views

In this tutorial I will explain how to change date and time of your computer in windows 10. Step 1 Click on Date / Time located in right bottom corner. From pop-up click Change date and time settings.. Step 2 [..]

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How to Shutdown and Restart Windows 10

12 July 2015, 0 comments, 3433 Views

Please follow below steps to shutdown / restart / sleep your computer in windows 10. Step 1: Click Windows Start button located in left bottom corner. Step 2: Click Power. Step 3: You can now see the option to shutdown [..]

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How to pin a folder in Jump list in windows 8

9 March 2013, Comments closed, 4935 Views

In this windows 8 tutorial, I will show you how to pin a folder to jump list. This is very easy to do.

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How to enable delete confirmation message in Windows 8

13 February 2013, Comments closed, 4391 Views

By default windows 8 will not show “Delete confirmation dialog” box if you delete any file / folder like in previous versions of windows. Windows 8 will not prompt for confirmation before deleting any file / folder.

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Solution – MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer

11 February 2013, Comments closed, 5066 Views

After installing a new application, your windows 8 / windows 7 computer may produce following error message: I started getting this error message after I installed WampServer on my Windows 8 Pro. This is actually not application problem, but because [..]

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How to take screenshot of active window in windows 8

7 February 2013, Comments closed, 4172 Views

To take screenshot of only active window in windows 8: Press ALT + Print Screen buttons.     To take screenshot of entire desktop: Press Print Screen button.     Extra Tip

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How to change Computer name in windows 8

7 February 2013, Comments closed, 3883 Views

In this windows 8 tutorial I will show you how to change your computer name on a windows 8 system.

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How to repair windows 8 corrupted files

5 February 2013, Comments closed, 4453 Views

For any reason if your windows 8 is not working properly, and you feel some windows files have corrupted, here is how you can fix corrupted windows 8 files

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How to adjust volume of Windows 8 Music App

4 February 2013, Comments closed, 4279 Views

Windows 8 music app is great with a very nice look and features. But you may find it little difficult in controlling and playing music on windows 8 music app.

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