How to use Airtel Beetel modem on BSNL broadband

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  1. Ram says:

    Hi Ravi,

    I am using BSNL modem for surfing using Airtel connection.
    Though I configured it, whenever I power it down..the configuration settings get reset and again I need to restore it.

    Do you have any idea why it gets reset whnenever modem is powered down?

    • Admin says:

      Sounds like hardware problem. Reset your modem to factory default, and then apply new settings. After you have applied new settings, save and reboot modem.
      You can also try upgrading firmware of the modem.

      You can also cal Airtel customer care at 198 and ask for help. I must admit, Airtel has good customer care service.

      • Ram says:

        Thanks for your info…
        Without any firmware upgrade it started working after I done the SAVE?REBOOT step…Airtel ppl didn’t help as it is UTSTAR modem…

  2. Venkat says:

    I dont have any details about the username and password , before i was using bsnl modem now its gone down , i have this beetal modem

    but where to see the username and password

  3. Jason says:

    These instructions are not working anymore ):
    Diagnostics says PPP connection failed!

  4. aksshat mehra says:

    hi i am using airtel modem for bsnl network i want to ask that does configuring the modem effect our network speed or we have to configure the speed also because when we open our adim login it shows line down and line up in kbps plz rply i am in a great confusion

  5. srikanth reddy says:

    I am unable to connect after following above steps. Please help me.

  6. balaji says:

    im using airtel(beetel)modem with bsnl broadband connection but i cudnt connect to web page when i approached bsnl they told ur modem is configured with bsnl but i cudnt connect advice me on this

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