What are benefits of using Live ID user Account on windows 8

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In windows 8 you can create two types of account, online account and offline account.

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Offline account is windows 8 local account and online account can be created using a Windows Live ID (email) account.

How to create a windows 8 user account using Windows Live ID

what are benefits of using a windows Live ID user account on windows 8

  • One account can be used to login on multiple windows 8 system.
  • Your settings are saved online with your windows live ID.
  • Windows Live will sync most settings like Browser Favorites, History, Shortcuts, Languages, services password, desktop settings etc. on any windows 8 system that you login using your windows Live ID account.
  • Thus you do not have to perform common tasks and settings everytime you login on a new windows 8 system.
  • Windows 8 Live ID user account is very useful if you use multiple windows 8 systems.
  • Even if you re-install / fresh install windows 8 on a system, your windows 8 user account and settings is not deleted. You can use your Live ID user account to login on the fresh windows 8 system with all your old settings.
An active internet connection is required for using Windows 8 Live ID user account.

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