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How to take screenshot on Sony Xperia SL

15 December 2012, 3 comments, 12298 Views

Its little tricky to take screenshot on new xperia handsets with android 4 like on Sony xperia SL.

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How to use Windows 8 PaintPlay App

7 October 2011, 3 comments, 14082 Views

The Windows 8 PaintPlay App is a brand new thing for windows OS. Its actually touch screen paint but you can play with it using your mouse also.

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What is Windows 8 Developer Preview Product Key

7 October 2011, 0 comments, 3176 Views

When installing a fresh Windows 8 Developer Preview, you do not need to enter any product key during installation. The product key is already included in the setup.

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Solution – Windows 8 Metro Apps not working

7 October 2011, 0 comments, 5803 Views

Windows 8 metro apps need some basic requirements to run properly. If you are unable to run metro apps like weather, Tweet@rama, PaintPlay etc apps, please follow these steps.

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When Windows 8 Developer Preview will Expire

5 October 2011, 0 comments, 3693 Views

Windows 8 Developer Preview is out for download and install. This is pre-beta release of windows 8 by Microsoft.

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How to set Google as default search engine in IE10

5 October 2011, 3 comments, 44287 Views

Internet Explorer (IE10) works great in windows 8. The default search engine of IE 10 is Bing. But like 90% users, I also prefer to have Google as default search engine in my browser.

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Why Startup / Boot time of Windows 8 is just few seconds

4 October 2011, 0 comments, 4965 Views

Windows 8 has significant improvement in boot time or startup time. Windows 8 can boot in just 8-20 seconds. This is about 30-70% faster than windows 7.

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What are benefits of using Live ID user Account on windows 8

2 October 2011, 0 comments, 3814 Views

In windows 8 you can create two types of account, online account and offline account.

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How to create a windows 8 user using Windows Live ID

2 October 2011, 0 comments, 5635 Views

Windows 8 is first Windows OS that allow to add users using an online account. In windows 8 you can create two types of account.

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How to close a Program / App in windows 8

2 October 2011, 11 comments, 42290 Views

Closing a program or app in windows 8 is little tricky. There is no direct [X] button located in top right corner of apps / program windows to close that app.

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