How to turn on and turn off 3G on Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tab is really fun if you are connected to a good speed internet connection like 3G. Here is how you can turn on and turn off 3G on Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  1. At the Home screen, press Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Wireless and network
  4. Tap Mobile networks
  5. Tap Network mode
  6. Tap GSM only to turn off 3G
  7. Tap WCDMA to turn on 3G

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53 Responses to How to turn on and turn off 3G on Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. Andy Sandberg says:

    I have no “Network Mode” under Mobile Network menu. Only “use packet data, data roaming, data roaming guard, and system select”. Data roaming guard is a menu and it contains “on” or “off”, and system select is a menu, with “sprint only”, and “automatic”. So what now?

  2. Dmahmad says:

    I turned on WCDMA and 3G won’t work. What do I do?

  3. Admin says:

    make sure your SIM has 3G enabled.

  4. Admin says:

    what is your galaxy model number??

  5. cire mico says:

    how do i know if my 3G network in my galaxy tab is on?

  6. Admin says:

    @cire, what is your setting in Network mode??

  7. Meena says:

    I have a similar problem….my galaxy tab used to run on 3G perfectly now it wont all of a sudden, it doesn’t recognize any kind of 3G activity and im sure that the sim card is 3G supported
    thank you

  8. Admin says:

    Please follow below steps:
    1) test the SIM on any other 3G supported device, and make sure there is no problem from service provider.

    2) Restore TAB to factory default:

    If nothing works, you may need to contact Samsung Support.

  9. Dilip says:

    Whre is the power button for switch off nd oning function.

  10. achie says:

    really helpful thanks

  11. Robert says:

    Hy Admin, thnx for all the help… I just want to know how to install my USB 3G+ on this samsung galaxy? or does it have to detect automatically?

  12. Mina says:

    can i have a software power off in my galaxy tab ?

  13. Kimberly says:

    My Galazy tab just shut off and I can’t turn it back on. I have it plugged on but nothing. Please help me.

  14. Kuheli Srikanth says:

    How to setup bsnl edge/3g service in samsung galaxy tab? I have sent the sms to BSNL with the model number but got a msg from them saying “No available settings for your handset”. Please help. the call centre ppl are of not much either.

    • Admin says:

      There is no special setting required for Galaxy Tab. You do not need to send any SMS to BSNL. Just make sure your BSNL sim has 3G activated. And enable 3G in galaxy tab.

      I personally have used BSNL 3G on my galaxy Tab.

  15. SkaLetor says:

    Thanks for this Admin. 3G automatically loads when testing an app that requires internet connection. it’s been eating up my prepaid load. Thanks again!

  16. bhaskar says:

    i bought the galaxy tab from US and it was locked. when ever i insert the sim it asked for unlocked code. so i gave this phone to local vendor for unlocking. local vendor unlocked the phone and after that i insert the MTNL sim. Tab accepted the sim and started showing signal for dolphin. now the issue is that i can send and receive the message. but when i try call the dolphin no. from different number it is not connecting. even i also the change the sim to airtel also but the issue remain the same.
    and when ever i try to dail from galaxy pad – i didnt find the dail pad for dailing the number. even in the contact it is not showing the dailing option.

    kindly help…..

  17. MANOHAR says:


  18. MANOHAR says:

    Hi thanks for prompt reply. I am using Bsnl 3G sim and able to do the video call with nokia 5800 express music edition but in the case with Samsung glax tab p1000 i am not able to make the video call. Even though the setting is on WCDMA in Tab. One thing more the same sim is showing the 3G on nokia 5800 but not on samsung tab. Kindly help me to setup in samsung tab for video tab.

  19. Tabby says:

    HI! My tab won’t connect to the internet even though I get wifi signal. The browser displays an error message like the one when there’s no wifi signal. PLease help…thanks!

  20. bhaskar says:

    MY Tab Model is Samsung Galaxy SGH-T849, can i make call from it and can i run internet through 3g .

    i tried the mtnl 3g setting but nothing happen….

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