Why Startup / Boot time of Windows 8 is just few seconds

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Windows 8 has significant improvement in boot time or startup time. Windows 8 can boot in just 8-20 seconds. This is about 30-70% faster than windows 7.

Windows 8 logo

What makes windows 8 boot so faster

  • No more windows logo animation at startup. This improves windows 8 boot-up time.
  • Windows 8 uses different method to shutdown. The new shutdown is like old hibernation.
  • In hibernation, computer save current state of the computer on hard disk, and load it back when you start your computer. Thus starting a computer from hibernation state is much faster.
  • When you shutdown a windows 8 system, it will put windows 8 kernel in hibernation state. And when you start your windows 8 system, it load windows kernel must faster. Thus make windows 8 startup very fast.
  • The new startup / boot process of windows 8 also take advantage of multi-core CPU.

All these new techniques make windows 8 startup / boot time just few seconds. If you have SSD (solid-state drive) hard disk, you can experience amazing startup.

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