Solution – Windows 8 Metro Apps not working

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Windows 8 metro apps need some basic requirements to run properly. If you are unable to run metro apps like weather, Tweet@rama, PaintPlay etc apps, please follow these steps.

windows 8 metro apps

  • Make sure your windows 8 is properly installed and its files are not corrupted.
  • For Metro Apps to work, the minimum screen resolution needs to be at least 1024 x 768. So, make sure you have minimum screen resolution.
  • Your system should have enough free RAM / memory. A system with minimum 2GB RAM is recommended to run windows 8.
  • You system should have a decent graphics card.
  • Make sure you have latest graphics card driver installed. Try updating graphics card driver.
  • System restart works sometime.
  • If nothing works, you may need to refresh your windows 8.

If your system do not meet minimum system requirement to run windows 8 metro apps, you may see a black or green screen when running apps. The app may not also start or hang when you click on any apps.

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