How to adjust volume of Windows 8 Music App

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Windows 8 music app is great with a very nice look and features. But you may find it little difficult in controlling and playing music on windows 8 music app.

One basic feature which windows 8 music app is missing is option to adjust volume independently. Infact windows 8 music app lacks many basic controls which Desktop windows media player has.

There’s no way to control the volume of only windows 8 music app independently. Infact there is no way to control volume of any individual Metro-style apps. There is no separate volume control for Windows Music App. You can adjust volume of music app only through master system volume control.

Control volume via system volume

  1. Drag mouse to top right corner. Keyboard shortcut is windows button + I
  2. Click settings.
  3. Click on volume icon.
  4. Adjust the volume.


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