How to remove lock icon from zip / rar files

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When you create a new compressed zip file or rar file, you will notice a small lock icon. This lock icon means that this file is protected from other standard users of this computer.

Follow below steps to remove lock icon from zip / rar files.

  • Right click the zipped file and click properties.
  • Click Edit button under Security tab.
  • Click Add button.
  • Enter users and click Ok button.
  • Click Apply button on other windows.
  • Lock icon will now disappear from the zip / rar file.
Follow same steps to remove lock icon from other folder / files like images, video etc.

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3 Responses to How to remove lock icon from zip / rar files

  1. jennifer garnatz says:


    Thanks for your tip Ravi. Will try it as I am having difficulty removing it from my desktop and moving it to trash so it can be deleted from my computer.


  2. Meng Choo says:

    How can I created the zip file without lock symbol by default in window 7?

  3. Andrew Singh says:

    All good Ravi works, like magic!! Thanks

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