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How to uninstall a Program / App in windows 8

1 October 2011, 0 comments, 5356 Views

Windows 8 functioning is lots different than any previous version of windows. Uninstalling an app or program in windows 8 is now lots easier.

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How to Add and Remove apps from Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

1 October 2011, 1 comment, 10622 Views

Windows 8 has all new metro style start screen. The metro styled desktop of windows 8 is called start screen. You will see apps or applications or programs shortcut on the start screen of windows 8.

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How to manage Windows 8 Weather App

1 October 2011, 2 comments, 21314 Views

Windows 8 Weather App is an useful application. You get weather details of your location and other locations right on your desktop.

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How to Show / Hide file extension in windows 8

28 September 2011, 3 comments, 46650 Views

By default Windows 8 hide file extensions of files. Like if you have mp3 files, windows 8 will not show filename.mp3 instead it will just show filename.

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How to Show / Hide hidden files and folders in Windows 8

28 September 2011, 1 comment, 9489 Views

Windows 8 interface is new but is lots earlier. Managing files and folder in windows 8 is very easy.

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How to Add / Remove Startup programs in windows 8

27 September 2011, 5 comments, 26075 Views

Startup programs are executed when you start your windows 8. If you have lots of programs in startup list, your windows 8 startup will be little slow.

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How to run a program as Administrator in Windows 8

27 September 2011, 2 comments, 5711 Views

Sometimes we need to run a program / app as administrator. Admin privilege is required to access and change advance settings of the program.

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How to Pin Apps in Windows 8

27 September 2011, 0 comments, 16476 Views

Windows 8 has a special metro style user interface. The desktop will show shortcut icon of applications which are pinned.

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Download Firefox for windows 8

27 September 2011, 1 comment, 13289 Views

If you visit Firefox download page, you will not find any specific setup for windows 8. But most people like me can’t live without Firefox.

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Google Chrome on Windows 8

26 September 2011, 1 comment, 7637 Views

Windows 8 developers preview version was released for public by Microsoft few days back. For now there is no official Google chrome for windows 8 setup for download.

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