How to find a post Permalink on Google plus

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You can get a unique url / permalink of every post / status of Google plus. In this case Google plus has copied Twitter.

To get unique url of a post / status on Google plus, just click post date / time link. It will take you to its unique link / url / permalink.

Its similar like we have on Twitter. On twitter, you can get unique url of a post by clicking its date link.

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2 Responses to How to find a post Permalink on Google plus

  1. PEdro JAcob says:

    How a simple thing linke get a link could complicate for some 20 minutes. Finally i found your blog and the answer. I did not try google at the first, but when i did, i found your site well ranked(by the way). Just thanx.

  2. m.etuci says:

    thanks, ive been searching for this since the new look of g+ launched.
    and now i know how to find the permalink.thanks for this useful post!

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