4 Chrome extension to manage Google bookmark from browser

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Google Bookmark is a free service by Google. It lets users to save your favorite sites and attach labels and annotations online. Thus you can access and manage your favorite site anywhere on web.

If you are a Google Chrome browser user and want to manage all your Google Bookmarks sites from the browser, here is few very good plugin / extension for chrome browser.

  • Google Bookmarks
    This is extension of google bookmarks for chrome.

    – Display bookmarks.
    – Manage and Add bookmarks.
    – You can Google Search in your bookmarks.
    – Icon will highlight when current page is bookmarked.
    – Light weight and simple.

  • Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension
    Displays Google Bookmarks in a tree. Supports nested labels, searching, sorting, creating, and managing Google Bookmarks. An extension for managing Google Bookmarks™, displayed in a tree. Features include support for nested labels, add/edit/modify bookmarks and labels, searching, sorting, and emailing bookmarks.
  • Easy Marks for Google Bookmarks
    This extension manages bookmarks for Google Bookmarks™ in easy way. Google Chrome™ bookmarks are separate from those saved in Google Bookmarks™. While it’s currently not possible to automatically sync these two sets of bookmarks, you can use this extension to easily create/edit Google Bookmarks in Google Chrome.
  • Simple Google bookmarks
    Google Bookmark with easy access to, you can use.
    – The display speed became early.(Since 0.3.0)
    – UI became more comprehensible. (Since 0.3.0)
    – The page can be actively opened by right-clicking.(Since 0.2.2)
    – You can bookmark the current page.
    – You can open the bookmark link contained in a label at once.
    – Displays will be arranged according to label the bookmark.
    – You can open(background) the bookmarks that are registered.

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