Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010 Free Advanced

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Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010 is a Complete and Reliable Backup. Take complete control of your PC’s safety. Based on solid commercial backup and recovery software from Paragon, the new Backup & Recovery 2010 Free Advanced Edition will give you a rich set of features that you can trust.

Important features of Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010 Advanced

  • Support for the latest Windows 7
  • Complete Backup – Create an exact copy of your PC including the operating system, applications, user settings and all data
  • Differential Backup – backup only changed data
  • Backup Scheduler – plan your regular backup
  • Backup to FTP servers – provide a new level of the system and data protection
  • Backup Capsule – you can place a backup image to a special secured place on the hard disk called the Backup Capsule and get additional level of security to all archives which it contains
  • Any backup destination – including external storages, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, network as well as the secured hidden partition (Backup Capsule)
  • Automatic data exclusion – automate the process of building up contents of the future backup image, by excluding irrelevant data such as movies, music, etc.
  • Support for GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks – back up and restore not only single GPT volumes but entire disks with the option of resize during the restore operation
  • P2V Migration – Migrate a physical system to a virtual environment by converting all installed software and data into a virtual disk of the required virtual machine
  • Cyclic Backup – complete infrastructure for establishing a self-acting data protection system.
  • Complete Restore – restore your computer to an earlier state without losing data and reinstalling and reconfiguring your programs
  • Restore an entire disk, separate partitions or only files you need from the previously created backup image
  • Restore with Shrink to restore a backup image to a free block of smaller size taking into account only the amount of actual data of the image

Read more about the software on its official website: Backup & Recovery 2010 Free Advanced

Download Backup & Recovery 2010 Free Advanced for FREE!

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