How to Enable / Disable Spell check in Opera

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  1. Harvey says:

    Do this:
    In the body of your email, spell a word wrong.
    If it gets that red dotted line under it, right click the word.
    In the pop up menu, uncheck Spell Check. It will go away permanently.
    Took me three hours to figure this out.

    • water says:

      I do not use Opera for email. I have no email programs there. I purposely do not allow my various email programs to cross over from one browser to another. firefox is for one, chrome is for another, IE is for another. and “never the twain shall meet”. so now how do I find spell check in order to disable it???

      • water says:

        so I opened an email there anyway just so I could turn off the damned spellcheck. and I typed in “herro” and it was underlinged in red. and I right clicked on it and saw a drop down menu and nowhere in that menu did it say spell check. no way to turn it off.

  2. water says:

    there is no “settings>>preferences” when I open the Opera browser.

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