How to recover deleted email from Hotmail

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Hotmail has many useful features. Hotmail now allow users to recover deleted mails, even if you have deleted from Trash/Deleted folder.

When we delete any email from inbox, it goes to Trash / Deleted folder. But what if you have deleted emails from Trash / Deleted folder also.

Hotmail now give you option to recover the deleted mails from Trash / Deleted folder also.
Here is how you can cover deleted emails in Hotmail:

  • Login in your Hotmail account
  • Go to Deleted folder.
  • At bottom of emails list, there is a link, recover deleted messages. You just need to click this link to recover all recent deleted emails from Trash / Deleted folder.
  • If any message is not recovered. This means, its deleted permanently.

This feature is enabled by default in all Hotmail accounts. You can however, enable / disable this feature from Hotmail settings.

How to enable / disable Recover deleted mails in Hotmail

  • Login in your Hotmail account and go to Option page.
  • Go to mail settings page.
  • Click Advanced privacy settings.
  • On this page you can enable / disable recover deleted mails in Hotmail.
Warning: Be careful when disabling this feature. Once disabled, you can never enable this feature back.

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2 Responses to How to recover deleted email from Hotmail

  1. elizabeth says:

    thank you so much, you just saved me a big big hassle replacing some attachments to messages I accideentially deleted!!!!!!

  2. miguel hipolito says:

    Thanks! it worked for me!!!!

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