How To Shutdown, Restart and Sleep Windows 8

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Windows 8 user interface is very different from other windows. You will not find Shutdown, Restart or Sleep button in start menu.

All earlier versions of windows including windows 7 have power button in start menu. But windows 8 start menu do not have any power button.

Why there is no power button in start menu of windows 8

Windows 8 is designed and optimized for tablets PCs. Users hardly shutdown, restart tablets. There is a quick button of Log off and lock windows on desktop. But there is no quick button for shutdown / restart.
windows 8 Log off, lock

How to Shutdown, Restart and Sleep windows 8

  • Take your mouse to bottom left hand corner to pop out Start Panel. Now click Settings.
    windows 8 settings
  • This will open settings pane in right side. Click on the power button to access shutdown, restart, sleep windows 8.
    windows 8 power button

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