Turn your Windows 7 or Vista into Windows 8

Want to taste upcoming windows 8 without installing it!!! You can transform your Vista into Windows 8 using this skin transformation pack. I am not sure if the current release is compatible with Windows 7.

Important Features:
-Group Taskbar mode.
-New Logon Screen.
-Super Glassy Look at Start menu Panel.
-New Windows 8 Orb.
-Now you can have ObjectDock Windows 8 Style (Included)
-New Screen shot.
– 8 Wallpapers.
– Windows 8 Start (New Style/ no more orbs).
– Windows 8 Longhorn Style Explorer.
– Windows 8 Logon Screen Style.
– Windows 8 System Properties.
– Taskbar Properties.
– Quick launch blue hovering(pinned feel).
– Taskbar Icon blue hovering(pinned feel).
– Taskbar Folder group will be Library Icon.
– Taskbar Group Size in 3 to be iconize.
– Shut down Button Startmenu( 7 Styler).
– New Search (7 Styler).
– Windows 8 (7 Styler) User Icon.
– Explorer Library Icon (7 Styler).

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Name: Ravi Shekhar
Nothing much about me. I just love playing with gadgets and windows.

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  1. Angella says:

    The people, on some operating systems put?????

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