How to auto post your Tweets on Facebook

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Most likely you have account on Twitter.com and as well as on Facebook.com And many times you wish to share same thing on both Twitter and Facebook.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to auto-post your Twitter tweets on your Facebook wall. When you will post anything on your Twitter.com account, it will be automatically posted on your Facebook wall also.

  • Visit Facebook.com and login in your account.
  • Visit Twitter apps for Facebook page.
  • Click Allow button to allow twitter app to access your account.
  • Click Sign in with Twitter button.
  • Enter you Twitter account username and password and click Allow button.
  • You have now connected your Twitter account with your Facebook account. Check Allow Twitter to post updates to Facebook Profile.
  • Now when you tweet something, it will be automatically posted on your Facebook wall also. In below image I have tweeted a test tweet.

    And this tweet got automatically posted on my Facebook wall also.

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