File and Video sharing sites Banned in India

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10 Responses to File and Video sharing sites Banned in India

  1. Rup says:

    Found those site open to download at night.

  2. Deepak says:

    its banned but u can still download from mediafire and other sites too

  3. Kushagra says:

    Can you please advise what proxy to use ti surf these sites ???

    • Admin says:

      Sorry I do not use any proxy site. So, I cannot advice you any particular. But you can find hundreds of proxy sites from Google search.
      Better use Opera Turbo. Its safe and ad free.

  4. hellboy says:


  5. hellboy says:

    all d above sites r banned in bangalore reliance isp

  6. Alok says:

    I think in the whole world India is only country that understand and obey cyber norms

    It’s really sad news
    India will never let grow new geeks and when India will start being victim by surrounding countries there will be a single way recruiting geeks from abroad.

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