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How to download latest Beta version of Google Chrome

28 August 2011, 0 comments, 3586 Views

If you are a tech enthusiastic, you must want to try something different and latest.

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How to make Chrome as default browser

28 August 2011, 0 comments, 3599 Views

When you install a fresh windows or if you have a system / laptop with pre-installed windows, IE is set as default browser.

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Why web developers love Chrome browser

28 August 2011, 1 comment, 3600 Views

Large volume of web developers community love Chrome browser. Its not because Chrome is a Google product, and developers love Google.

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Popular YouTube video download site TubeFire closed

28 August 2011, 1 comment, 4106 Views

Popular YouTube video download site is down now because of legal notice against the site.

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How to turn a Websites into a Chrome Desktop Application

27 August 2011, 0 comments, 2445 Views

You can turn a website into a desktop application using Chrome browser.

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How to PIN a tab in Chrome

27 August 2011, 2 comments, 5943 Views

Google Chrome browser give you option to PIN a tab. This PIN is different from windows 7 taskbar PIN.

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Google +1 button updated with Share on Google Plus Option

27 August 2011, 0 comments, 2409 Views

I just noticed this new feature of Google +1 button for websites. When you +1 any webpage using the official +1 button, you will get a small box to share the post on Google Plus also.

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How to open multiple webpage on startup in chrome browser

27 August 2011, 0 comments, 2482 Views

In Google Chrome browser, you can open multiple websites / webpage on startup.

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How to read RSS feed in Chrome browser

22 August 2011, 1 comment, 4170 Views

Google chrome is one of the best browser we have. But surprisingly it don’t have inbuilt RSS reader. All major browser like Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Opera have inbuilt RSS reader.

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7 Free service to monitor your website uptime

22 August 2011, 0 comments, 2342 Views

If you run a website / blog, its very important for you to keep checking your website performance. You cannot let your website go down for many hours.

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