How to block search engines to index your Google Plus profile

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6 Responses to How to block search engines to index your Google Plus profile

  1. Reg Dunlop says:

    Doesn’t this make your profile private? Thus getting your account deleted? Please clarify.

    • Admin says:

      I think it will block only search engines and profile will continue to be public. Other people on Google plus can still see your profile.

  2. Moaaz says:

    thanks for your article
    but does it block the search in Google plus website only ? or it blocks visibility generally in all search engines ( google ,bing , yahoo .. )

    many thanks .

  3. PASSING says:

    Google should stick to providing a search engine but instead they are spying on people and now with Google plus they are using SSL to try and hide the spy-scripts that have naff all to do with recomending pages and everything to do with spying on your every move.

    G-Plus uses a HTTPS script to load another HTTPS script that then writes to a frame and the bandwidth goes up.

    Thank god Microsoft is trying to provide tools in IE8/9 to stop google in it’s track but only because MS wanted to be Big Bro instead of Google.

    Get yourself a copy of MS-Fiddler to see whats realy going on

  4. Andrea says:

    What about G+ comments index, like Topsy.
    All my comments on public post will be displayed by topsy; can I avoid this?
    Thank you

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