Google Plus will be open for everyone on July 31st 2011

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Google Plus currently can be joined only via invitation. Actually its under Beta phase, So Google is testing its functioning before opening it for all.

Good news is that Google plus is going to open for all on 31/july/2011

According to Google Plus team, it can be a day or two sooner but not late.

So, from 31/july/2011 you do not need any invitation to join Google Plus.

If anyone need Google Plus invitation, leave a comment below with your gmail ID.

Google Plus is now open for all.
If anyone is still not able to join Google Plus, please leave comment below with your Gmail ID and I will send you invitation.

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970 Responses to Google Plus will be open for everyone on July 31st 2011

  1. TaCo says:

    invite me pls

  2. BMc says:

    Still tells me “Google+ is in limited field trial”

  3. musa raza says:

    gmail id:musaraza803@gmail.com

  4. Erika says:

    Can I get an invite? It says I still need an invitation.

  5. Priya Doyle says:

    Hi Can someone send me an invite?
    Thank you

  6. jobs says:

    We’ll see if they will beat Facebook.

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