Google Plus to introduce Free SMS services and Private Messaging system

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Google Plus has announced new features and services. They are now going to integrate free SMS service and Private message system in Google Plus.

Members of Google Plus will be able to send SMS (Short Message System) to their friend’s mobile. They will also be able to send private message to other members.

The service is currently not active but it should be active very soon. Google already have a SMS service using their Google SMS Channels.

Private message feature is not new in social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter already have this feature.

The announcement was posted by a Google Plus Team member on Facebook and Google Plus.

Coming Soon on Google+
*Free SMS services
*Private Messaging system

Below is screenshot:

So, get ready for free SMS on Google plus. Now you may not need to join any free sms site to send free sms to your friends.

Please note, this is not an official announcement from Google.

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5 Responses to Google Plus to introduce Free SMS services and Private Messaging system

  1. (@shelleypetersen) says:

    Hi Ravi,
    I saw this post on facebook as well, just to be aware that it is a fanpage and not official. I have requested a link from them to confirm the news. Will let you know as soon as I hear anything…

  2. Muhsan says:

    halp invite me to google plus. thank

  3. Missing Plus says:

    Kind Ravi. Could you send me a Google Plus invite too? Thank you sir !

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