Google may spread music piracy via Google music

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  1. Brent Buchholz says:

    Is there some sort of source that can be cited on this? Everything I have heard about Google Music has stated that the one drawback many find with the service is that they will be doing hashing or some sort of fourier analysis on all of the files and anything that can be recognized as clearly pirated, i.e. the digital footprint of a known, pirated torrent, will be deleted on principle.

    Did they reverse something? All of the blogs I read a couple days ago had numerous criticisms for the decidedly anti-piracy stance Google was taking.

    Just curious. Excited either way, I actually was one of the few who had no problem with it.

  2. Frank Sermeno says:

    In response to this article and the other poster:

    It could go either way. Google is allowing anyone to upload anything they want, legal or illegal. However, they did state that they “will respond to requests by rights holders who feel their rights have been violated.” What has not been revealed is exactly HOW rights holders will be checking to see if any pirated music is on a user’s account. There has been a lot of speculation on the methods that might be used, but we simply do not know.

    Either the statement was only made to avoid any legal action against Google, or they are really allowing music companies to spy on everyone’s uploaded music library.

    It’s too early to tell.

  3. sahhh says:

    Nobody in Europe is going to use this. Everybody loves Spotify. Google should buy it and integrate it with plus.

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