8 things that Apple iPad lacks

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You might have read many good and bad points about Apple iPad. Here I have collected 8 points where iPad must improve.

  1. No Flash: 75% of videos on the web are Flash and iPad does not have flash support.
  2. No camera: iPad don’t have a inbuilt camera. Even low range mobile phone and netbooks have inbuilt camera.
  3. No SD cards support: You cannot use a SD (secure digital) cards on iPad.
  4. No USB: iPad don’t have USB ports. You cannot add a USB device on a iPad.
  5. HDMI out: iPad don’t haveHDMI out support.
  6. Low Resolution: iPad has 720 video resolution.
  7. Low Memory: iPad has only 256MB memory.
  8. No Games: iPad is not good at games.

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