Popular YouTube video download site TubeFire closed

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Popular YouTube video download site Tubefire.com is down now because of legal notice against the site.

TubeFire is a japan based company which allow users to download video from YouTube and also allow to extract audio as mp3.
The site is currently down with following message ins Japanese language.

TUBEFIRE So far, we have the best attention and operated so as not to infringe copyright. However, as you know already, such as newspaper reports, was submitted to the Tokyo District Court has been accused of violating copyright and service TUBEFIRE. At the moment, because the complaint did not receive details of the plaintiff’s case and the accused is unknown reasons, for any reason, to take seriously with the issues that were noted on the copyright of services TUBEFIRE In order to completely prevent the spread of the problem until the end of the trial period from 23 August 2011, we decided to stop the service and related TUBEFIRE. To everyone’s available, but we apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and updating.

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