Try IE9 second Platform Preview!

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ie9 Interested in checking out the new web platform capabilities of Internet Explorer 9? Want to try the second Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview!

Please note, IE9 Platform Preview is not a beta release of IE9. The Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9 will run only in Windows 7, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Server R2. Microsoft has worked hard and is working hard to bring some new web technologies and standards in Internet Explorer.

You can find many new technology demos on IE9 Test Drive site, such as a T-shirt designer, Text Size Animation, Map Zooming, Flying Images, and even a variation of the classic game Asteroids. None of these demos use Flash; instead they all make use of web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5.

Whats new in IE9??

  1. IE9 will support HTML 5 web standard.
  2. CSS 3 support
  3. Upgraded JavaScript Engine for better performance of web apps.
  4. IE9 will provide hardware acceleration for rendering graphics and text on web pages.

And Many more… So, go ahead and have a test drive.
You can read more about IE9 and platform preview program here


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