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Giveaway – 10 License of Handy Backup Standard

5 September 2011, 12 comments, 12294 Views

Handy Backup Standard by Novosoft is an award-winning automatic data backup and disaster recovery software. It is a great and ultimate solution for your backup needs. If you have Handy Backup Standard installed, you do not need to worry about [..]

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Indian Adsense Publishers – How to track your Adsense Cheque

5 September 2011, 0 comments, 3181 Views

Google pays Adsense publishes via cheque in India. Cheque in India is sent by BlueDart courier service.

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How to scan files or website using multiple antivirus

5 September 2011, 0 comments, 3557 Views

We all have only one antivirus installed on our computer. And its also highly recommended to install only one antivirus on your system, else it will create conflicts and your computer may not work properly.

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Two Free tools to create Bootable USB drive

5 September 2011, 0 comments, 2607 Views

Now almost all motherboard support USB drive as bootable device. You can now boot your computer using USB drive. This is very useful in many cases like your Laptop’s CD/DVD drive is not working etc.

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FREE Norton Antivirus 2011

2 September 2011, 0 comments, 3913 Views

Norton Antivirus is an award winning computer security kit. The Norton 2011 Antivirus include Antivirus, Antispyware, Antirootkit, Bot protection, Network mapping and monitoring etc.

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How to use Gmail Preview Pane feature

2 September 2011, 0 comments, 2289 Views

Recently Gmail introduced a new feature called preview pane. Using this feature you can preview mails on same page.

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How to Drag and Drop images in Gmail

2 September 2011, 0 comments, 3510 Views

One unique feature of Gmail is that, you can drag and drop images in new message compose box.

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How to remove lock icon from zip / rar files

1 September 2011, 3 comments, 10523 Views

When you create a new compressed zip file or rar file, you will notice a small lock icon. This lock icon means that this file is protected from other standard users of this computer.

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Solution – Windows 7 Start menu showing unknown icon

1 September 2011, 0 comments, 2682 Views

Sometime your windows 7 may show unknown icon for many programs in start menu. There is no proper cause of this problem, and the problem can occur on any windows 7 system. If you are facing similar problem, here is [..]

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How to auto post your Tweets on Facebook

1 September 2011, 0 comments, 2281 Views

Most likely you have account on and as well as on And many times you wish to share same thing on both Twitter and Facebook.

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