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How To Shutdown, Restart and Sleep Windows 8

26 September 2011, 0 comments, 2313 Views

Windows 8 user interface is very different from other windows. You will not find Shutdown, Restart or Sleep button in start menu.

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Download Windows 8 Beta

24 September 2011, 0 comments, 2467 Views

Windows 8 is upcoming version of Microsoft Windows operating system and successor of windows 7. Beta version of Windows 8 is now official available for download on Microsoft download center.

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How to join Google Plus without any invitation

24 September 2011, 1 comment, 3810 Views

Google Plus is still not public to be joined. You still need an invitation to join Google Plus network.

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Giveaway – 20 License of CollageIt

9 September 2011, 16 comments, 13703 Views

CollageIt is a great software to turn ordinary photos and pictures into stunning photo collage to share with family and friends. It is very easy to use, and you can make cool collage photos by just few clicks.

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How to enable Bitlocker on windows 7 professional and Premium

7 September 2011, 1 comment, 9371 Views

Windows 7 inbuilt tool BitLocker Drive Encryption is a great tool to protect your data from loss, theft, or hackers.

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New Facebook Scam – Free Facebook T-SHIRT

7 September 2011, 0 comments, 2305 Views

Free T-shirt promotion is latest scam on Facebook. I can see lots of these scam posts on my Facebook wall. Below is screenshot of such scam post on my Facebook wall.

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How to check who Unfriend you on Facebook

7 September 2011, 1 comment, 13175 Views

There is official tool or feature in Facebook to check who unfriend you on Facebook. You get notification when someone send you a friend request, or someone accept your Facebook request.

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How to restore Windows 7 registry

6 September 2011, 0 comments, 3233 Views

In previous post, I posted how you can backup windows 7 registry.

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How to backup windows 7 registry

6 September 2011, 0 comments, 3100 Views

Windows registry contains information about your computer and how it runs. It controls the functioning of windows operating system (XP, Vista, WIndows 7, Windows 8 etc)

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How To Completely Uninstall Kaspersky Products

5 September 2011, 0 comments, 1971 Views

Kaspersky security products are one of the best products for computer security. But if for some reason you want to uninstall any of the Kaspersky products, you can follow below steps to completely remove it from your computer.

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