How to use Gmail Preview Pane feature

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Recently Gmail introduced a new feature called preview pane. Using this feature you can preview mails on same page.

Earlier if you click on any mail, the mail would open in a new page. And you have to click Inbox button to go back to inbox.

But now you can preview / reply / forward / print mails on same page using Gmail Preview Pane Lab.

Here is how you can enable Preview Pane feature in Gmail

  • Login in your Gmail account and click settings icon and then go to Mail settings.
  • Click Labs tab.
  • Enable Preview Pane and click save changes button at bottom.
    (click on the image to enlarge)
  • Now go back to your inbox. You can see a new toggle button in the top right corner. Use this button to set preview pane position. You can either set it vertical or horizontal.

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