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Google BuzzGoogle has started a new service and has named it as “Google Buzz”. Basically it is a new tool for your Gmail account. Google Buzz will allow Gmail users to share photos, videos, connect your Gmail account with your Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader accounts and more. You can read more about Google buzz on its official webpage Google Buzz



How to activate Google Buzz in your Gmail account
Visit www.google.com/buzz

Click “Try Buzz in Gmail” button.
try google buzz

Login in your Gmail account.
Gmail login
Your Google Buzz should get activated. However according to Google Google Buzz will be available for all accounts without any need to activate it. You can start using Google Buzz by clicking “Buzz” in left side (just below inbox). Buzz may not be available for many Gmail users right now, as new feature integration in Gmail account is in process. But you will surely find it in 2-3 days.

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7 Responses to Google starts new service – Google Buzz

  1. Is Google going to compete with Facebook Buzz?

  2. This is great because it actually arrives and it comes quickly.

  3. Admin says:

    I think Google Buzz is not going to become bigger challenge to Twitter or Facebook.

    Many people have disabled Buzz from their gmail account. I myself have disable buzz in my gmail account.

  4. Personally I feel that Google Buzz’s release was a little premature, especially with the privacy issues. I also think that Google is going down the path that Windows went through around the time of Windows 2K. The latest releases and releases appear to be less planned and I feel like rushed to attempt to be a first to market, and or compete with its competitors releases. The breach of privacy was something that didn’t require a computer science degree to figure out, a very basic review could have shown such issues. Do you think Google may have received too much credit last year?

  5. This is an interesting blog you have her but I can’t seem to find the RSS subscribe button.

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