Google Plus will reduce age restriction to 13 after 31st July 2011

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Current age restriction to join Google Plus is 18. You must be above 18 to join Google plus. But Google has decided to decrease this age restriction limit to 13.

According to Google Plus team, Google Plus will be open for all from 31/July/2011 and from same date age restriction will also decrease to 13.

This is going to be more fun with Google Plus. Facebook already have age restriction of 13.

Age restriction is still 18 for Google Plus. I just made a fake account with age 15, and I got following error message.

This feature is not available of your account.
You must be over a certain age to use this feature. Learn more.

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103 Responses to Google Plus will reduce age restriction to 13 after 31st July 2011

  1. Akshith says:

    hey bro… hv more invites to spare…?? 🙂

  2. Daylon McCray says:

    Okay am 15 it keeps saying I can’t join due to the age restriction

  3. Tyler says:

    Hey, would you mind inviting me?Thanks a million.:)

  4. Tyler says:


  5. ben says:

    Okay everyone knows your article is wrong so why is it still up and why do you ignore thier comments?

  6. Omar Ahmad says:

    Can I please have an invitation?

  7. Asad says:

    Hey would you mind sending me an invite? Thanks. 🙂

  8. Mahdi says:

    Hey Mate,

    Could you spare me an invite as well?


  9. Sarvesh Shrivastava says:

    Respected Sir,
    Please send me an invitation for google plus. I need it very urgently.
    Thanks in Advance.


  10. kzer says:

    hey man, could i please get invitation to google plus too?

  11. Garrett B. says:

    I need help, I am 16 and I just recieved an invite to Google+. When I click “Join Google+” It says “This feature is not available for your account. You must be over a certain age to use this feature.”

    Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

    PS: I have provided Google with my correct date of birth.

  12. Anika says:

    I’m 13 and gotten invites but it still says I’m too young.

  13. ansh says:

    heyy, i registered on G+ some time back and (i’m 16) it still says “Some Google features are only accessible by users over a certain age.” Can I do something?

  14. gengjie says:

    Could you spare me an invite as well? thx :]

  15. James says:

    The age restriction is still 18 even though Google said it would be fixed after 31st July 🙁 I am 16 and like using facebook/msn but want to try out google as well.

  16. chris says:

    I’m 16 and as of 21st september 2011 I get the error

  17. Karen Mackey says:

    I am 13 and it still says there is an age restriction! would you invite me please? thanks:)

  18. Kosi says:

    Can you send me an invite?
    Thanks in Advance.
    Sorry if it sounds like im copying

  19. Sadeth says:

    Age limit is still 18, even now that Google+ is fully released.

  20. Jack Runburg says:

    Please send me an invite?

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