Google Plus is now Open for all

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As we all know that earlier Google Plus can be joined only via invitation. But now Google has officially open Google Plus for everyone.

Now no invitation is required to join Google Plus. All you need is a Google account.

  • Visit Google Plus
  • Signin using your Google account.
  • Fill the Google Plus new account form.

Done!!! You can start exploring Google Plus.

If anyone is still not able to join Google Plus, please leave comment below with your Gmail ID and I will send you invitation.


You can also join Google Plus via following invitation url:
Google Plus invitation by Ravi

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278 Responses to Google Plus is now Open for all

  1. Stefan says:

    Id love one too please 😀

  2. Khan says:

    Many Thanks Ravi 🙂

  3. ixson says:

    am here to thank for your invitation =)

  4. Brian says:

    Hi Ravi,
    Would you please send me an invite?
    So far I still get the messages saying that Google Plus is in limited trial, but I haven’t tried to join with an invite.

  5. noor says:

    HI Ravi ….Iam desperate to sue google plus service…Please send me an invite…I have been doing this on couple of websites but didnt get any invite..Hope you will be able to send me an invite…Thanks….

  6. Admin says:

    invitation sent to all above requests.

  7. Mahdi says:


    Could you please send me an invite as well?


  8. Justin says:

    Hi, I received a Google Plus Invitation from a friend, but it said “Underage” and it is not available with this account. I thought it was
    ages 13 and up now? What can I do?

  9. stefano says:

    Hi is possible have an invite for me too?

  10. Rituraj says:

    Can you send me an request pleazz pleazzz

  11. sarah says:

    I can not sign up? I don’t know why it won’t allow me.

  12. Burnlife308 says:

    Thanks Ravi if there’s any request space left on your list could u send me an invite plzzz

  13. bikram sherchan says:

    r u going to send ma a invitation.

  14. Martin says:

    could i please have an invitation?

  15. Admin says:

    Google+ invitation sent to all above requests 🙂

  16. sonu anand says:

    hi plz send me an invite

  17. sonu anand says:

    hi plz send a google+ invite

  18. sonu anand says:

    could i please have an invitation?

  19. Michelle says:

    I’d love one please, if you have space could you send me one. Thanks.

  20. brian says:

    Invite to bhopper75 if you would be so kind! Thanks!!

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