Angry Birds on Google Plus is overloaded

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Games on Google Plus is getting huge response. People are crazy playing games and seeing their name in top scorer list.

Angry birds itself is a very interesting game, and Google Plus is making it more crazy. As a result angry birds game on Google Plus is overloaded now. I am trying to play angry birds for past 2 days without any success.

Every time I am getting error message as:

something went wrong.
Reload the Game to continue.

Below is screenshot:

Even I reload the game, refresh the page or start from very beginning, I reach the same error page. I cannot guess any reason for this error except the game is overloaded.

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One Response to Angry Birds on Google Plus is overloaded

  1. dan says:

    same thing happens to me! its so annoying because i was owning all my friends on it as well

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