IE 9 is most secure browser according to NSS Labs

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IE9 has proven this in past also, and has proved again. According to latest test conducted by NSS Labs, IE9 is again the most secured browser.

IE9 no doubt is a fast, smooth and modern browser. And most important thing about IE9 is that it is most secured browser.

In the latest test conducted by NSS Labs (An independent testing organization), IE9 detected 96 percent of malicious links worldwide via its SmartScreen URL reputation feature, and another 3.2 percent when its Application Reputation feature was enabled. Next was Google Chrome 12, which caught 13.2 percent of the threats; Apple Safari 5, which detected 7.6 percent; Mozilla Firefox 4, which also detected 7.6 percent; and Opera 11, which found 6.1 percent.

Below graph will help you understand easily.

You can read full details of browser security test conducted by NSS Labs on its oficial website.

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