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Apple iPad is just a bigger iPhone

2 February 2010, 0 comments, 1907 Views

iPad is all around news with many critics and good points. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, said he feels the iPad is just an oversized iPod Touch and he wasn’t impressed. Most people are saying that iPad is nothing but just [..]

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Ipad over priced – Apple makes $208 from each $499 iPad sale

2 February 2010, 3 comments, 5517 Views

Apple is over priced is not new thing. Its not that Apple makes very high quality product and so its manufacture cost is high, and so Apple’s products are costly. But the truth is that Apple’s product is very much [..]

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Find a bug in chrome and win $500

1 February 2010, 3 comments, 5556 Views

Yes, you read correct. Google will reward you $500 is you report a security bug in Google Chrome browser. Google will even reward you with $1337 if the panel finds a particular bug particularly severe or particularly clever. The bug [..]

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Portable Windows Live Messenger 2009

1 February 2010, 0 comments, 3335 Views

Now you can carry your windows live messenger with you on a portable storage device like pen / thumb drive. No installation is needed. Just run a small .exe file and your Windows Live Messenger is ready to use. Download [..]

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