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Free Wondershare Office Recovery 1.5.0 Worth $29.95

27 February 2010, 0 comments, 2137 Views

Wondershare Office Recovery is comprehensive Office recovery software designed to recover Office files of various formats and PDF files from Office 1997 to Office 2007. It is very simple to use, but is very powerful. The current version don’t support [..]

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Know how many times you have visited a website in firefox

27 February 2010, 0 comments, 3104 Views

This is very helpful feature of firefox. You can see how many times you have visited any website in firefox browser.

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Free WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe worth $49.95

25 February 2010, 3 comments, 5631 Views

Here is a good chance to get WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe absolutely FREE!! It is multi-functional video converter software, which supports converting all SD (Standard Definition) videos and HD (High Definition) videos. This is all in one video converter [..]

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BSNL starts 3G service in Bangalore

24 February 2010, 0 comments, 2044 Views

Bangalore is India’s 242nd city to get BSNL 3G service. BSNL started the service on 19th feb 2010. BSNL claim to provide download speed upto 3.6Mbps, but people using it says speed is around 2 Mbps.

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GIVEAWAY: Win FREE License of Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate Full Version worth $60

23 February 2010, 26 comments, 23659 Views

I am pleased to announce that Daniusoft has provided TechTin 3 license of full version of Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate worth $59.95 for readers.

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Windows 7 Price in India

22 February 2010, 0 comments, 2263 Views

Most of us is planning to purchase windows 7 as Windows 7 RC will be expiring in few days (1st march 2010). So, where to purchase windows 7 at best price and what is current market price of different edition [..]

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Send your suggestion to improve Google Buzz

17 February 2010, 0 comments, 2313 Views

If you have any suggestion or want to send feedback about Google buzz service, then you can now send via “How to Fix Google Buzz“.

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Make files and folder read only in Windows 7

15 February 2010, 1 comment, 8367 Views

Sometime we need to set some files or all files of a folder to read only. Read only files cannot be modified. These files can only be copied, moved, renamed, or deleted. In this tutorial I will explain how to [..]

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OpenOffice 3.2 released

14 February 2010, 0 comments, 2042 Views

Final version of Open Office suit 3.2 has been released. Open Office is best free alternative of Microsoft office suit. The new 3.2 version has many improvements. You can read about new features here. You can download OpenOffice from here.

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Google starts new service – Google Buzz

10 February 2010, 7 comments, 10231 Views

Google has started a new service and has named it as “Google Buzz”. Basically it is a new tool for your Gmail account. Google Buzz will allow Gmail users to share photos, videos, connect your Gmail account with your Twitter, [..]

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