Google Plus is now Open for all

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Name: Ravi Shekhar
Nothing much about me. I just love playing with gadgets and windows.

278 Responses to Google Plus is now Open for all

  1. KK says:

    Invite Please.. Thanks much

  2. Saharsh Tewari says:

    I want an invitation please!

  3. Chloe says:

    Could you please send me an invite? Many thanks!

  4. Sam Forde says:

    When will Google Plus be available for people under the age of 18? I tried it but it said I was too young to do it.

  5. James Evans says:

    Hi Ravi – any chance of an invite please? Thanks

  6. Saharsh Tewari says:

    Could i please get one invite?
    thank you 😉

  7. Richard Lee says:

    can i have a google plus invite please???

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