How to set Google as default search engine in IE10

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Internet Explorer (IE10) works great in windows 8. The default search engine of IE 10 is Bing. But like 90% users, I also prefer to have Google as default search engine in my browser.

IE 10

In this tutorial I will show you how you can add Google as search engine in IE 10 in windows 8, and how you can set Google as default search engine in IE10.

How to set Google as default search engine in IE 10

  • Launch normal / regular desktop.
  • Launch IE 10.
  • Click Settings icon and then click Manage add-ons
    Manage Add-ons in IE10
  • Click Search Providers tab.
    Internet Explorer search provider
  • Click Find more search providers… link.
    Find more search provider in IE10
  • This will open a new IE10 windows with iegallery listing some search providers. If you do not see Google on the front page, search for google on the site.
    iegallery Google
  • The search will show many addons related to Google. Click on Google Search.
    Google Search in iegallery
  • On next page click Add to Internet Explorer button.
    Add to Internet Explorer 10
  • A new windows will pop-up asking conformation. Check option Make this my default search provider and click Add button.
    Add Google in IE10
  • It will take only few seconds (2-4 seconds) and Google will be added as search provider in IE10. Google will also be now default search engine of IE 10.
    Google IE 10

if you get any error message, iegallery website might be busy at that time. Try it after sometime.

Direct Link for Google Search Engine
Google Web Search for IE 10

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3 Responses to How to set Google as default search engine in IE10

  1. Damien says:

    Thanks for the direct link at the end Ravi, it was the only thing that worked for me because when I searched for google it came up with no results.

  2. randy says:

    I made google my default in ie10, but manage add-ons says it is not available

  3. Lana says:

    Unfortunately, this did not work. All that was available was Google Translate, Google Maps, Google News. Google.com was set as “Pin this Site” but not “Add to Internet Explorer.” I hate Bing.

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